Wednesday, September 14, 2011

latest edition to the happiness project is revealed!

I was so excited yesterday to learn that one of my favourite author's, Gretchen Rubin has wrote a new book about Happiness!! It is called Happier at Home and I think one of the most powerful influences of happiness is if you have a happy home life. To me, my home is my safety nest. A lot of times, when I have a bad day or I am just exhausted from my busy life, I just can't wait to get home. I love my home, my hubby and my lil pug, who are always there to make me feel better. It's my "ah ha" moment in the day, and I truly believe that in order to be happy, one must be happy at home!

Gretchen's new book doesn't come out on shelves until next August 2012, but it's great news and I am looking forward to reading another one of her well put novels. What a fabulous, powerful, and realistic woman, and I love reading her daily blogs. Sign will love it!

Gretchen's Third Splendid Truth: "The days are long, but the years are short."

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  1. I totally agree- I love coming home and I'm so grateful for that!