Thursday, June 7, 2012

second avenue sweets

Oh my! I have finally found what I was looking for in Ottawa! A good, no - not just good, an AMAZING local bakery!!

The little gem is tucked away from Bank street on Second Avenue (hence, the name!) and is always fresh, and loaded with goodies every time I stop by. Coming from Montreal, I had the hardest time finding a bakery that lived up to my standards, because we all know Montreal is filled with the best of the best in the bakery world. And Second Avenue Sweets was recommend to me by a local peep when I was in a mad search for a lemon tart.

For my 1 year wedding anniversary, I surprised my hubby with this gynormous tart. He absolutely loved it! Every bite was so lemony. It's amazing how something so simple was so delicious and fresh. It wasn't overly sweet and filled with that fake lemon power we all buy at the grocery stores to make the easy lemon meringue pie.

They also have lemon cakes and cupcakes that I can't wait to taste. But, one thing at a time! If I took anything away from my experience in Montreal, it was portion control! Your food tastes much better when you limit yourself and don't get greedy.

By the way, if you want something specially made, make sure to call and order it a day ahead of time. You won't regret it, I promise!
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  1. You should try their chocolate pecan squares! *drool*

    1. Oh my....I will have to try one of those! I love pecans, thx!