Sunday, August 7, 2011

in and around the plateau

I have to admit, my neighbourhood is pretty funky. Every time I take Roxy for a walk, I see something new, or something crazy. It never seems to disappoint me! Too bad the people here are not the friendliest people on earth, but we get by.

The summer months are the best months in the plateau. There is so much green, zen, bubbly flowers spilling out over window boxes, and all around the neighbourhood. Roxy just loves her walks, and always stops to sniff the flowers. Ah, the little things in life!

Montreal is filled with graffiti, everywhere! I am not joking! EVERYWHERE! The city looses its charm after awhile because they don't keep it up. It's dirty, and there is garbage everywhere. But the worst part is the amount graffiti in this city, it's just unbelievable. Most of it I can't understand, just a bunch of gibberish on the sides and doors of every building. But... I like to make the best out of things, so I took some pics of what I think is some pretty funky art:

Finally, along our Saturday morning walk, we ran into this little kitty. So different and what a cutie, I just had to post her. She is a newbie to the world and still doesn't have a name yet. (which I think should be Tiger!)

Oh, and yesterday afternoon was full of sunshine and sangrias (rose style!) Gotta love the weekends!


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