Tuesday, July 26, 2011

broke the veggie news to my doc this am

So it has been 6 months that I haven't ate meat and have seriously cut back in the dairy department. I feel great! I went for my yearly check-up this morning couldn't wait to tell my doctor my exciting news - "I stopped eating meat!"

I thought he was going to judge me with the look, you know the look you get from meat eaters when you tell them that you only eat veggies, grains, and beans. That "are you serious" look with a raise of an eyebrow and a squint of an eye. But he didn't! He just asked me why and suggested that I go to the library this week and find a 1985 vegitarian book called: Diet for a Small Planet

I will let you know how that turns out. But I am also curious as being new at this vegitarian way of living, how will my results from my blood test differ from last year. All I know is that I ate a whole lot more and feel great. I will keep you posted...

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