Sunday, July 3, 2011

why not start a blog?

Hello world, this is my very first post. I am so new at this and have no idea what I am doing - so exciting! But that’s okay, I'm sure I'll figure it out, right?

I think this blog will help me get all the random thoughts out of my head. Maybe someone else will have the same interests as me? I dunno. I have high hopes! Plus, I am a serious health nut, who just recently became a vegetarian (new years resolution!) and ‘trying’ to become vegan. It’s not as easy as it sounds. So hopefully my insight, opinions, and aha moments in life (that is when I wake up and think 'why didn't I think of this earlier!') will be helpful to someone out there in this crazy world.  So far, this blog is so random and I haven’t really decided what to dedicate it to yet. Only time will tell...

<3 S.

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