Tuesday, July 12, 2011

one fantabulous black keys concert!

Last night, my hubby and I headed over to the Bell Center to see The Black Keys perform. My hubby turned 29 back in February and he finally got his bday present last night! BOTH our ears are still ringing!!

Of course, I had to get us floor seats (the closer the better is my motto!) and we crawled our way to the front of the stage. (**Tip: wear ear plugs if you get this close! I am scared the ringing won't stop!!). The crowd was a mix of tweenie bops, hippies, and european fabios...a bit odd since we are use to going to concerts in Detroit (way back in the day! And much better by the way). But with just two dudes on stage, one on the drums banging his heart out and the other singing while jammin on his electric guitar lit up a crowd of 8,300 people last night. They were real, soulful, and played their hearts out, and that is all the mattered last night. Though a bit short, and we had to wait (which seem like forever) after the opening band for The Black Keys to come on stage, it was worth it! And by the way, I got a 'best birthday present ever kiss' after the concert!

Check out some videos of the concert last night:

By the way, one of the highlights of the show was when they came back out for the encore in HABS (yes HABS!!!) jerseys! Not only was it disgustingly hot, but it must have been so hard to rock out at the end of the show in jerseys. I thought that was so respectful, not only to the team, but to Montreal. BUT... of course (in some french guy's opinion) they were quote, from montrealconcerts.com

"What band still puts on a sweater of the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre to ignite the crowd during the recall? The Black Keys did last night in front of almost 8,300 fans, and this lack of taste came close to spoiling the cool factor of the show. Moreover, since a couple of his songs was used for a beer ad, it was found that the jocks have taken the duo of Akron in Ohio, which does nothing to enhance the reputation of the group. Anyway, enough of snobbery, the Keys gave a great concertlast night, though short (only 75 minutes, recall included)."

I just can't believe it! How wrong and selfish can one be!?? 

The Black Keys rocked my night!! 

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