Friday, July 8, 2011

the merger of science and self-help

Self-help books are filling the shelfs of bookstores and can be found all over the media these days. I remember when I was younger, I never really understood self-help books and grew up thinking it was a sign of weakness. Man, was I wrong!

"Books need to explain the connection between quickly evolving research and the effect on everyday lives"

These days, self-help books are becoming the new ‘Facebook’ of science. It is so interesting to read about personality traits, or why some people are leaders and some are followers, and even the power of ‘The Secret’ and how thinking positively can lead you down the yellow brick road in life. I can’t seem to put these books down, they are so interesting and have been answering so many questions I have been having for years. But, you must have an open mind!

Are self-help books the new science for the social media era that has to go deeper to know why social awkwardness now exists? Hmmm.

The current book on my nightstand is called The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I find her so fasicnation because she is real and I can relate to her. Even though I haven’t began my own ‘happiness project’, reading about Gretchen's findings and studies has helped me get through many situations of my own recently and know that it is okay to just ‘Be Sara’. I love it! Just be yourself, so simple! I love her 12 personal commandments in life and my favourite, “Do it Now.” Why wait?

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