Friday, December 23, 2011

dine, relax and don't stress

It's Christmas eve eve today! All I have been thinking about this past month is Christmas, from gifts to food to what am I going to wear. I was so happy, prepared and excited to drive 8 hours tomorrow to my hometown to see the family. All that excitement and readiness fell down the tube earlier this week when I seriously walked into a pole on the way home from a hot yoga class. Yes...walked into a pole! Now, how does that happen, you ask? Well, it's called a serious case of ADD (getting distracted and not watching where your going). My forehead exploded into a tennis ball (which now has gone down) but I have a serious black eye (actually it's deep purple, blue, green, and yellow now). So... that got me thinking. All of this time I spent preparing for the holidays, and now, black eye has overpowered me.

So I decided to look on the bright side, and maybe I should take this time to chillax, instead of stress and overdo it. Enjoy this week before I go face my family and tell them, yes...I walked into a pole and that is why I have a black eye. (or should I be bad ass, and tell them I fought off a bad guy and won?? I'm still deciding...)

I wanted to share how I spent my fabulous week before Christmas for me, myself and I. Remember, do not forget about yourself this time of year, and just enjoy life!

It all started off with fabulous food of course. My two favourites, sushi and pizza!

Followed by a night of my favourite white wine (chilled of course, and white so your teeth don't stain) and a Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris

Check out the trailer, Woody Allen never disappoints :)

I also decided to indulge and spend some money on myself this week. And what better way to spend money than on things that make us pretty. Plus, this will spice me up during the holidays and take the eye off my black eye!! Hopefully :)

NEW COLOUR by OPI called Pink Friday
(ps. I will post a pic when I try it out so you can see the true colour on my nails)

Holiday socks from the Gap, aren't they so cute!? And by the way, if you live in a cold winter wonderland (like I do!) they are so cozy and warm. Like a fireplace on your feet, seriously. Plus, I went on a 40% off day!

Finally, on my shopping spree for myself, I splurged on Clinique's Butter Shine Lipstick. My fav colour is called Pink-a-boo, a sheer golden pink. So pretty and let me tell you, my lips are so moist and shiny. Such a healthy looking lipstick, but not overpowering. 

And what better way to end my shopping spree day, than with reruns of Sex and the City and Camomile tea.

Oh, and can't forget a little treat for Roxy!

Now my last week before Christmas is ending, and the other day I stayed in and did some last minute shopping on Etsy for my friday who just had a baby in September. It arrived yesterday, check these out!! Leg Warmers for babies up to 12 months.

Make sure to take time to enjoy the sunset!

Hope you all enjoyed this week as much as I did and turned a problem (in my case, a black eye accident) into a positive thing and enjoy life that much more.

Happy Holidays!

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