Friday, December 30, 2011

life is all about the little things...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

2012 is almost here. Start thinking about those resolutions. It's important to set goals and be able to stick thru it for the entire year. Last year, my new years resolution was to become a vegetarian and give up meat (forever). Such a simple goal has change my life in so many positive ways. It has never felt so good to be full on veggies!! if I had to describe that feeling in one word, it would be "refreshing". I would love to hear your new years resolution for 2012.

It was so nice to see my family during Christmas, that now I can't believe it is all over already. My mom gave me this snowflake charm for Christmas (amongst the many other gifts my parents spoiled me with) and I have been wearing it since.

It reminds me if my parents everyday, even tho I am 9 hours away. It's funny how the little things in life matter the most, and can make the biggest impact.

In the words of one fabulous power yoga teacher in Ottawa that I tried out for the first time yesterday: "less is more"

So simple, yet so true!

Happy New Year!!

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