Sunday, January 1, 2012

make 2012 the year to learn something new

Life is way too short. And I realized that recently after I moved to Ottawa in October and started working for myself. I was always one to study hard, work hard, and devote my life to my career (and I am not even 30 yet!). Once I was done school and studied my toosh off and pass all the CPA exams, I finally did it. I achieved all my goals I had and was a pretty dam good accountant. Working 9-5pm in the office Monday thru Friday, life gets pretty boring and the routine kicks in. Funny, because you don't realize it until your life changes. And for me that was having the opportunity to work foy me, myself, and I.

I began to take up new hobbies and doing things that I love, because of course, I had a tad bit more freedom now. Plus, I was (and still am) a newbie in the big Captial of Canada. One of the many things I love is yoga. So I joined the Rama Lotus yoga studio and devoted some time each week to my inner-self and realized that something else has changed. Me! Yoga is like this magical fairy dust, that sweeps you off your feet (and allows you to touch your toes). Practicing the many forms of yoga brings this sensation to your limbs, once a soar back now feels like a million bucks! So I can now say on new years day of 2012 my resolution for this amazing new year! I will study and do what I love, and hopefully be able to teach others by the end of the year, one of the many miricals of life, YOGA!

Happy New Year and Namaste!

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