Thursday, February 16, 2012

crazy life pushes my valentine's day to today!

Wow, it has been awhile since I have been around the blogger verse. My life has had an unfortunate speed bump in which I had to go back to my homeland for the past couple of weeks. I have tried to stay up to date with what's been happening but I'm a little behind. Two weeks away from life will do that to you!

I wanted to share with you my Valentine's day gift to my hubby, which is just so adorable and so us! We got married back in May and wrote our own vows, so when I found this, I couldn't believe it! This small worded poster has so many of our memories, inside jokes, and vows jammed into this frame, that it is just perfect to save for our new house. Yes, we are house shopping for our first home right now! So excited!

I purchased the print on Etsy and it came with a thick white matte for a 8x15 frame. I imagine coloured walls in our new home, so I am sticking with the jet black frame theme. All of my wall frames are black, and this print with the white writing goes perfect in a black frame.

I purchased the frame at Michael's at (YES!) 40% off. What a deal!

...and voila! This is what I am going to give my hubby tonight. xo

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