Thursday, March 1, 2012

taking advantage of the winter sales

Today is finally March but the winter weather hasn't slowed down yet for us Canucks! I woke up to a winter wonderland AGAIN this morning and was so happy when my boots arrived earlier than expected (btw, there is nothing better than waking up to the friendly UPS man at your door during a snow storm delivering brand new boots! So spoiled!!)

Check them out! I bought them on sale at Locale (over 50% off!) and there are still sizes left.

I just love the inside. It's like wearing a sweater on your feet :)

I tried them out this morning when I took Roxy for a walk, and they are extremely warm and comfy. I am usually a size 7.5, and ordered size 8 thinking I would put a warm insole inside to make them fit better. Guess what! They are so warm and fit perfectly. No insole needed!

Now...thinking about buying one of those warm Canada goose jackets I keep seeing around the Capital.

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