Thursday, May 3, 2012

we finally did it! kanata here we come!

I am soooo excited! After many many months (well, only 6 months) of house searching, touring opens houses, and checking out the various areas of Ottawa, my hubby and I decide to plop our nest down in Kanata. Yes, I know, we are leaving the Glebe for Kanata, but I am so happy. Kanata is filled with beautiful new homes, young and old families and just wonderful, friendly people. It's about a 10-15 minute drive to the DT core of Ottawa (not too shabby) and you get the best of both worlds out there.

We bought a brand new home in Kanata Lakes this past weekend, and it will be up and ready this November. What!!! I have to wait!? This is going to be the hardest part!

After living in the Glebe for a long long winter, I realized I don't need to be living in the heart of the action. The homes here are so old. And I mean OLD, over 100 years old! Plus, driveways are hard to come by when you live so close to DT. (Yes, I will have a driveway and a garage for the winter!!) Plus, I find the Glebe is filled with old money. Older retired couples who have been in these houses all their lives, not willing to leave. I feel like I am 2 generations behind sometimes living in this area. On the plus side, the Glebe is close to the Canal and some really good food. Check out my Ottawa Restos page for some helpful reviews.

Now the fun part begins! We have multiple appointments this summer from pluming, to the wiring, electrical, and even the designing the placement of our cabinets and colours. This is going to be so much fun! Time to get the ideas piling in...I need magazines, and lots of them!

This is how I would like my kitchen to look like. I just LOVE white kitchens! So simple and clean!


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