Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the scone witch

This little hidden gem just outside the main core of DT Ottawa is such a fabulous place to chillax with family and friends over coffee and a fresh warm scones. It's away from all the noise, but close enough to gather all your peeps for a quick lunch or a weekend afternoon snack.

It's small and cozy, which is why I love to come here on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy some fresh local food. It's always consistent and they even serve breakfast (best meal of the day!)

The Scone Witch offers a wide variety of scones and homemade jam to snack on, scone 'sandwiches' sided with a salad for lunch, and scone 'sandwiches' filled with breakfast goodness such as cheese and eggs as well as fresh ham for those meat lovers (note: they do NOT serve lunch meat!!)

I love when I come across new local cafes with fresh ingredients and not full of tourists. If you haven't tried The Scone Witch, I suggest you grab a friend this weekend (or a good book) and head over there for a delicious ginger scone! Just to note, it's hard to only eat one of these. I usual grab some to go and snack on my way home.

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