Wednesday, April 18, 2012

update: trimmed my own bangs today

I just wanted to give an update to yesterday's post because I watched this video (many times!), made sure I had all my clips, fine-toothed comb, and scissors (for cutting hair) and now have some results to share.

I tried trimming my bangs today for the first time, and it was a success! I am so happy, because it is a little scary when you're used to going to the salon every month and they do it in less then a minute. At home, it was a completely different experience. First off, that girl cut her own bangs in 2 minutes. Ya, right!? I have the same hair type as the woman in that video, and It took me about 20 minutes (before clean up) to make sure it was done perfectly. You DO NOT want to rush.

I had just washed and blow dried my hair before trimming, and I would recommend this to anyone trying this at home.  Make sure you use salon scissors for an edgy look. One point to take note from the video: make sure you snip in different directions. I snipped very little at a time, and repeated the video's technique at least 5 times. This meant starting in the middle, snipping, the grabbing each side, pulling it all together and snipping again. It's better to snip little by little and repeat the technique several times, instead of snipping a big chunk at once. You couldn't see my mistakes that way because it all blended in and gave my fringe a nice choppy look.

Also, I like my edges (sides of my fringe) a bit longer than the middle, so I snipped them separately to keep the length.

Feel free to email me or post a comment if you have any questions, or you tried this DIY bang trimming for the first time at home too.

It was scary at first, but now I will be doing this at least once a week to keep my fringe looking fresh.

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