Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my first trip to gatineau

This past weekend, my hubby and I were on a search for Gouda! My family is coming up to Ottawa this weekend for Easter and instead of the typical Easter chocolate eggs, I thought it would be fun to shower them with cheese (and some good old fashion maple syrup I found at Farm Boy!). So what better place to go for cheese then across the border to Quebec! Really...there isn't a border, just beautiful tiny bridges all over Ottawa connect the two cities.

We didn't find any Gouda but we did look around and I must say, Gatineau is just wonderful! So much nature, and fresh air, I felt so alive! We stopped by the Marina in Aylmer to chillax with a fresh baguette and a coffee we got at the little tiny cafe and just had an AH HA moment. I can't wait until the summer to check out Gatineau Park! Now...if only I had a cottage!

Pics taken at the Marina

How cute is this Timmy's? So cozy!

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