Thursday, April 12, 2012

the manx

There are 2 resto/pubs I hit up once a week because they have by far, BY FAR... the best food and drinks in the city (in my opinion!).

I will post the other pub soon...

But first, The Manx. Yummm, this place is just awesome. It's a small little hole in the wall basement under an aparatment on Elgin Street, and I seriously missed this place driving by the first time I ate here. It doesn't even have a website (but I found a menu here). Yes, it's that good. It doesn't need a website, because it's full of locals (of all ages) and the atmosphere is so fun and relaxed.

It's small, so there is always a wait. On a busy night, you usually have to wait 45 minutes for a table. But don't fear because they feed you beer while you're waiting in the small doorway, chatting it up with other locals. I have had some pretty interesting conversations with complete strangers during my wait to eat at the Manx.

I am not a writer, so the best way I now how to describe just how delish the resto is, posting pics. Please drool over these...

BTW - the menu is small (which isn't a bad thing) but they have a chalk board full of daily specials when you walk in the place. I recommend the specials. You will go home happy, full of good beer and good food. And... maybe a new friend :)

Curried Sweet Potatoe, Tofu, and Veggies over Noodles - Sepcial of the Day

Grilled Chicken Wrap with half Potatoe Wedges and Salad (dress is a good vinigarette) - On Menu

Codd Burger - On menu

Grilled Chickpea Wrap - On Menu as Chickpea Burger

Salt & Pepper Tofu Chickpea Wrap grilled with Tomato Asiago Soup du jour - Sepcial of the Day

Can`t forget the Mill Street local beer - Cheers!

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